Jordan Bell, the hit-making machine.”

— Henrique Pachêco, Music Producer, Portugal


I'm a self-taught singer, songwriter and producer. I grew up in the small town of Rossland BC, and now live on Vancouver Island while attending college for a degree in biology and psychology. My music is a blend of pop, alternative and folk, and mainly focuses on truthful lyrics, unique melodies and pleasing harmonies. I love writing songs for the people and places I love, as a small way to give back all they've given me. 

In the past I've done shows throughout Europe, performed on the street, performed in live stage productions (musical and otherwise), and collaborated with musicians around the world to bring a unique sound to my music. I find inspiration in the people around me, and find infinite joy in capturing moments in music. 

After having just released my third solo album, I'm currently making plans for the fourth, booking shows, and taking feedback. Click the link below to check out my Spotify for all three albums!

Photo by Jessie Fuller