All My Friends

The third album is finally here- with nine original songs that bring simplicity into the spotlight, it features everything you need and nothing you don't. Minimalistic production for a deceptively simple sound, catchy melodies, and memorable lyrics. Featuring Dani Bell, Jasper Sassaman, and Kyell Erikson, All My Friends is the heartfelt, relatable album you didn't know you needed.

An album by all my friends, for all my friends.

Streaming on all platforms. 

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Fire & Water

She will tell you she is fire and water
Eyes honey brown, fixed with intention
Carrying on her lips a cheeky smile
Pulling you in with steady confidence
She tells stories of heavy nights and misplaced trust 
Knowing there is safety in sharing 
She speaks of pain 
That grows through her in vines
twisting and wrapping around her softest parts 
She lets them grow
Watering, tending, and trimming
Vines steady enough to bud tiny flowers of tenderness
That she will share with you too
She speaks of power in the pieces  
Connecting the dots with a steady hand  
Reading her history with a patience
A patience she is growing into
She will give you the gift of gentle courage
And will tell you a woman is more than just a body
A woman is fire and water

- Hannah Sterpin, Victoria BC

Haircut - Acoustic Version

Leave You a Piece of Me (feat. Dani Bell)